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It starts like anything else...Good pitted against Evil.


A threat is made and action is taken. Cause and effect you might say - who really knows… but how does an event take place so far away and end up all the way back to this small part of the galaxy?… a universe where only one planet has the ability to sustain life – planet Earth. Why should it only continue here amongst the enormous amounts of incalculable presence of living life, bumping into one another? Mindlessly trenching their way through the millions of obstacles trying to overcome them to find a place of their own to have a little peace and a place they can call home. How long will it stay? What will it do and how will it affect us? Their war should have never come here. We have enough problems of our own. We can only imagine what the outcome will be. To top it off, it seeded itself in the most unlikely part of the planet – The Niagara Region of North America. What kind of creature would want to plant their feet and start an army large enough to take over the world? It would be discovered in no time. It was in plain sight for all to see. How would we have known that it would cause so much pain and destruction to destroy countless families and lives? To see what it really was... time would ultimately show us the beast. Our reaction to this threat was far too late though! Now the cat’s out of the bag, and we have some cleaning up to do... but to be able to fight something that is not from this planet, we would have to find someone or something to drive it out of our lives. We did find something and someone, well it was more than just one person or one thing -- it was a handful of people with a small arsenal of weapons -- OK, it was a group effort and a ton of weaponry, things you couldn’t even imagine. There was one person that stood out from all the rest. Someone at first we overlooked, then we alienated him. Condemning him to a life of loneliness and misery. We later hated and feared him. I’m neither; I’m one of his closest friends. “He’s been called a lot of things in the past”. His close friends know him as Nathan - but the rest of the world knows him as RED SQUIRREL!

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